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Error Codes

Ever seen the code at the beginning of a message on your DSTV? Usually it’s E16-4 or an E107-4. How about the 8118 code on your decoder’s display panel? Well, that’s an error code.

To resolve this problem there are a number of options available. Firstly, read the rest of the message to see what it says. If it says that your account has been suspended, then your account is probably suspended. However, there are times when all you need is a reauthorisation. A reauthorisation is a clearance signal that can be performed either by a Multichoice agent through the call centre(011 289 2222) or your nearest agency. You can also use the online Self-Service.

Then there are error codes that appear on the decoder itself.

8118– If you’ve got an 1110 decoder I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen the error code 8118. This is an indication that the software on the decoder is corrupted. There are reasons for this, but the main problem is power supply. When electricity is abruptly switched off and back on, this causes a power surge. Power surges can occur when lightning strikes the house or when there is a unintended power failure. This can cause any electronic system that is not unplugged, to blow. The decoder’s power supply is internal, which basically means that it can cause damage to other hardware inside the machine. This slowly corrupts software and eventually it crashes. To avoid these power surges from damaging your equipment, always ensure that you have a surge protection plug installed. This will give protection to all your electrical appliances.

ddd– This is a common problem for people using decoder models 910; 933 and 990. It means your power supply has been damaged due to power surges. There’s nothing much you can do when this happens. Just ensure that it does not happen again by installing the correct protection!

0 on DualView- This is a software malfunction. We know that a faulty power supply does have an influence on the software, but it is important to note that Multichoice no longer updates the software for this model. This means essentially, that the decoder is just waiting to crash. Good luck!

Replacing the decoder can be done in various ways. If you have a valid DCC(Decoder Care Contract) then you should be able to swop the decoder for a refurbished one. If you don’t, get ready to pay R342.00(Standard decoder), R479.00(PVR), R399.00(DualView). This will only get you a refurbished decoder.

You’re probably thinking, “What is refurbished and why?”. Well how it works is, Multichoice agencies do not do repairs for customers. Instead you pay the repair charge of the decoder that you will recieve when you swop your own decoder.

Getting a brand new decoder will cost you. For a price list of decoders see my page on Pricing(coming soon). Keep in mind that prices may vary upon location.

  1. Ntoshy15 permalink

    I have the Dstv 8118 problem does this mean i have to replace my decoder wth another one or i can ask a proffesional to repair it? Pls help

    • Hi Ntoshy

      Firstly, thank you for choosing to enquire using my service.

      As you may have read, an 8118 may be reset, but if the standard manual reset/upgrade does not clear the 8118, then your decoder will have to be replaced.

      Having it replaced by MultiChoice will cost you R342.00 (for a refurbished one). In my experience, a refurbished decoder is a good way to save money- if you are happy with a 3-month warranty.

      Alternatively you can purchase a new decoder. Generally the single system decoders cost between R479.00 and R599.00.

      PLEASE NOTE: MultiChoice is the only company who is allowed to repair DSTV decoders. If the machine has been opened by anybody else it will lose its warranty (As indicated on tamper stickers under decoder).

      Please let me know if this information was helpful. Otherwise please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail:

      • sonmore permalink

        my 1110 decoder is displaying 8118 as well. from what i read its either i get a refurbished one or i need to buy a new one. so whichever way, do i just insert my smartcard and start watching or i will need someone to start the whole instalation process and all those technical setups?

      • Your new (or refurbished) decoder will need to be paired with your existing smartcard. This can be done by calling the DSTV Help Line or by taking your decoder and smartcard to your nearest Multichoice Agency. That’s all. No reinstallation process.

    • Steven Booysen permalink

      I have a 8118 problem, I have tried to reset it but nothing helped, if I am going to change it at multichoise, what will they need from me.

      • They will basically need your ID for identification purposes as well as your decoder and smart card. You will need to take R342.00 along with you if you are looking to replace the decoder for a refurbished one. In my opinion it’s always better to get a brand new decoder because of the warranty you receive. I hope this helps.

  2. leslie permalink

    How did u get the decoder reset when it gave u the 8118 message.
    Pls help
    Thnx leslie(

    • There are two things you can try. Follow these steps.

      The first is the flash erase reset:
      ●Simultaneously press the “Reset” and standby button on the front panel of the decoder.
      ●When you see the letters “dL” on the display panel, simultaneously press and HOLD the TV/Audio button and the “P+” button.
      ●Continue to hold until you see the word “done” appear on display panel.

      The decoder will be reset automatically and if the 8118 still appears, then you can try the manual upgrade.

      Manual upgrade:
      ●Simultaneously press the “Reset” and standby button.
      ●As soon as the letters “dL” are displayed on the display panel, quickly press this button sequence: Standby, P+, P-, P+, Stanby.
      (Keep in mind that you have to do this very quickly)

      Remember that these processes are merely an attempt to extend the functionality of your decoder for a few days at most. If it does not work, your decoder has reached its operational limit and will have to be replaced.

      I hope this helps. If you need a better explanation you can contact me directly. See for my contact details in the Contact section.

      • Spencer majoka permalink

        Manual upgrade is also not responding,any more i can do

      • Unfortunately not.

      • Vincent permalink

        Thank you so much. The manual upgrade worked. You the best.

  3. I’m having trouble connecting to some of my channels I’m on a compaq and my serial no:V101414998 and the smard card no:42874215025 I’m getting code error E16-4

    • Remember that your channels on the Compact bouquet are limited. If you are trying to access a channel that is not available on Compact, you will receive the E16-4 error.

  4. pamella permalink

    My Dstv account has been disconnected or suspended and I am not enable to view the channels I have payed for smart card number is 41351797737 I have dstv dsd1131

    • Pamella for reconnection please contact Multichoice via telephone, online self-service or go to your nearest Multichoice agency.

  5. Nyarubona permalink

    how about the error code when you just switch on your decoder and it brings which looks like a bEI or 6E1 and puts the red light and does not display anything on the tv screen.

    • It’s a be1 and it means your software is corrupted. Depending on which decoder you are using, this error code can be fixed. For example: If you’ve got a HD PVR 2, then you can have the software upgraded. If you have another decoder model then there’s nothing you can do.

      • ricks permalink

        How long does the upgrade take to install

      • Upgrades vary from one decoder to the next. Generally HD PVR decoders take 15-30 minutes to upgrade. While normal decoders take roughly 10-15 minutes.

      • Prenay permalink

        I have a SD pvr decoder also showing b e 1. Can it be fixed?

  6. lewis permalink

    My decoder has an E50 error and it writes no channel available in this bouquet and it doesn’t load just flashes dis error msg wen plugged to power

    • Press the TV button on you remote. You will either find that you are in the wrong bouquet-which means you just have to scroll up to the listed ‘DSTV’ bouquet and press ‘OK’ on your remote.

      Or you will find that there is no list. In that case, reset your decoder to its factory settings. This should solve your problem.

  7. Khetha permalink

    Hey i have a bE1 error on my decoder and i tried following da steps to fix da error but it jst keeps loading and nw its shows da downloading screen for 20min and goes bacj to da bE1 error pls help wat sjould i du my decoder is a DSD 990

  8. Lerato permalink

    Hi. I have a E50 error on my 1110 decoder. I pressed TV on the remote but the only option I get to select ‘favourite channels’. What should I do? Thanx

  9. qalela permalink

    My decoder it doesn’t show anything it keeps refreshing up until it gives you a message,I would like to know what further steps should I follow?or should I have to call someone to come and check?I’m in. PE is there any person I should contact?

    • What message does it show? Sounds like a signal problem. You can contact your nearest Multichoice agency to get a technician to test your dish’s signal.

  10. fikiswa permalink

    I have a problem with my dstv, there’s four 9’s appearing upwards after a power faiure, I have tried to switch off the plug and on again, try to check all the cords are in place but still the same,
    Pls advice me what to do

    • It is most likely a problem with your power supply. In my experience, you will have to get it repaired or replaced. As it is, you won’t be able to do much.

  11. zainab permalink

    Hi,please I need some help,my decoder keeps on saying I should insert my smart card,I’ve done that and I have rebooted the decoder,I also cleaned the smart card with a dry cloth before putting it back but its still not working,what do I do please?

    • Try removing your smartcard, then switch of your decoder for about an hour. Switch your decoder back on and then wait for the code E-04. Then only re-insert your smartcard. If this does not work, have your decoder tested at your nearest Multichoice Agency.

  12. Error 50 on PVR decorder 2: the bouquet selected does not have any channels. When u reboot, it does not scan, shows preparing to scan, then E50 error pop up. When pressing TV, only option available is favourite channels.

    Rebooting is not helping, what now?

  13. shane permalink

    Hi I have all 3 lights on, on my 1132 decoder.It doesn’t even go to a scan just blank display on tv,I have unplugged the decoder and switched it back on as a form of reset but its still the same even without smartcard.Could this be because of sudden unplugging of decoder.It did switch off sometimes when you just move the decoder then you have to tap it to get it on again.It was like this since we unboxed it.No insurance so what now…Help.We have it 4 months now

    • Hi Shane. Your decoder’s power supply is probably messed up. That’s why all you see is the 3 lights. But lucky for you your decoder has a standard 12 month warranty. Just take it to your nearest Multichoice agency and you will get it swapped for another 1132. By the way, you might want to stop unplugging the decoder.

      • shane permalink

        Thanks man I do have the warranty booklet but not the original purchase slip,just a carbon copy of the installation slip that does state the purchase date as well.Will that be enough.Will there be any charges involved?I think you right as I have a 1131 as well and it works fine with all the 1132’s cables.

      • There will not be any charges. Multichoice has the date at which your decoder was activated on their system. All you need to do is to take it to them.

  14. shane permalink

    Thanks man I do have the warranty booklet but not the original purchase slip,just a carbon copy of the installation slip that does state the purchase date as well.Will that be enough.Will there be any charges involved?I think you right as I have a 1131 as well and it works fine with all the 1132’s cables.

    • shane permalink

      Thanks man this has by far been the most helpful site I’ve been on. Keep up the good work,its much better than dstv’s own customer care

      • I’m happy that you found this helpful. The goal of this site is to deliver great alternative customer service. Feel free to point out any way in which you think we can improve.

  15. Shane permalink

    Hi and thanks man i got a new decoder now.My remote had same issues with previous decoders.Suddenly working then not.Decoder not picking up the remote.Its the B4 model.Remote has power and is set to Tv1.Please help.

    • Hi again. I’m glad to hear your DSTV is up and running again. There seems to be the odd occurrence where remotes do not work cohesively with decoders. That’s because the B4 remote has a different version of software. But try changing your remote setting to ‘respond’ on TV1, 2, 3 and 4.

  16. thank you very much the manual upgrade worked

  17. Gerald permalink

    My decoder model is 910, its displaying the error code 800d when its about to scan, and once this displays it begins to reboot again and the whole process is repeated again and again. What is the problem and what are the available solutions?

    • Unfortunately this happens when your decoder’s software has expired. You will have to replace the decoder.

  18. Matsiliso permalink

    Hi my decoder shows 8118 message so i want to buy a brand new one now my problem is that i have already paid dstv full amount so what is going to happen if i replace it with the brand new one am i going to pay again or what?

    • You will not pay extra. Your services will be transferred from your old smartcard to you new smartcard.

  19. ken permalink

    Please my dstv has been displaying E16-4 ever since I subscribed and it also says my account has been suspended, I don’t know what to do

    • Hi. Have you paid your first monthly subscription? If you have, then all you need to do is contact a Multichoice call centre (011 289 2222) and ask them to remove the E16-4 error code. You can also visit and click on the Self-Service link. Then follow the link to Clear Error Codes. You will have to enter the first 10 digits of your smartcard number, which is under your smartcard. But make sure that your smartcard is placed back properly in the decoder and that the E16-4 is displayed before you continue.

  20. Hello my decoder is showing a steady red light only an my TV screen is blank this happened aftr I switched it off when it took long to find the signal I have a DSD 1131

  21. lefa permalink

    Hi I hv a dstv decoder displaying the 8118 message, with all d lights on the panel showing (Orange,Green & Red). I read & did some of the steps u gave other people online. I just wanna find out if u have ur decoder insured, does 1 still need to buy a new Decoder?

  22. Can you remove error code for dstv

  23. Joseph permalink

    I have an E 16 error on all channels

    • If your account has been suspended then you will need to pay and request an immediate reconnection. But if you have a new account you can visit DSTV’s Self-Service website and clear the E-16 all with the touch of a button.

  24. Contro permalink

    Hi all my bouquets have vanished , when I press the TV Button it only shows me the Favourite Channels

    -Please help

  25. Gerda permalink

    I bought a decoder saturday (1132). The signal was locked on 84% and quality 100%, but it reads error code E32-38. We phoned the “customer care” line and still here we sit on monday night with NO connection.
    Please help, because they can’t after numerous phone calls.

    • Hi Gerda. If you are still experiencing the same problem, you will need an E-30 signal to clear your error code. If you are having a tough time getting through to the call centre then you can definitely clear the signal yourself by visiting DSTV’s online Self-Service page. Follow the link to Error Codes and enter your smartcard number where requested. After submitting, your decoder should be up and running in 3-5 minutes.

  26. festinah permalink

    Hi….my ds decoder does not wana switch on…there were lightning n I was nt at home and I think dats y its nt working..could it b damaged?

    • Hi Festinah. Your decoder probably does have some kind of power malfunction. Most of these are caused by power surges. Remember to always plug your electrical appliances into a surge-protection plug.

  27. mike permalink

    How to reset/fix an error code E107-4 your card is not paired with the decoder pls help me out. Because I call the call centre but I had no luck

  28. sachin mahadeo permalink

    4109 5209 825 shows E16 account is paid up

    • Unfortunately I don’t clear error codes. I would advise you to call the Multichoice call-centre or even easier- visit the DSTV Self-Service website.

  29. Tsebe permalink

    Hi there, we have a SD pvr decoder and it has recently stopped responding to the remote(UEI A3). The light flashes on the remote when you press it but nothing on tv1 and no response on the decoder. Weird thing is that it works perfectly with tv2, ended up having to change tv1 channels via tv2. What do you think the problem is? Tried resetting it a bunch of times but still no luck

    • Hi there. Sorry for the late response… If you have not figured it out by now then try checking the settings for TV1. Sometimes the settings are changed without you knowing (technical or software glitches). So make sure TV1’s settings are set to pick up remote 1.

  30. Tsebe permalink

    Hey there, thank you don’t know exactly what happened but it just started working on its own, but will ensure that I take your advice and check the tv1 remote settings. Thank you again

  31. Ilke Theron permalink

    Camping at buffalo bay (W/C) – using the elsat portable satellite – pvr1
    Error: Connection to dstv signal could not be established. There seems to be a problem with your installation. Please ensure that the LNB cable is connected properly. Also check your network settings if you are sharing the communal dish.
    Tried everything! New cables and new lnb device – still nothing? Any suggestions? Have always worked fine other years.

    • That makes no sense if you say it’s been fine all along. What your db rate? How are you checking for signal? Remember that Multichoice has recently repositioned their satellite to a higher frequency and many clients have had to get a larger dish in order to pick up signal.

      Long story short, the bigger your dish, the better your signal. Those portable dish sizes are too small in my opinion.

  32. Calvin permalink

    Hi. i have a DSD1131 decoder, all of my channels excluding SABC1 are scratching like a broken dvd, how do i fix this by myself, please help

  33. adeshile idris permalink

    pls i keep getting E102-29 on my screen when i try to pause or forward a program on my pvr decoder

  34. adeshile idris permalink

    i dont have any outstanding, i paid my due payment and it just started appearing on my screen few days ago

    • Sometimes the problem us your cable on the recording LNB port. Or it could even be your LNB port. Have your decoder tested. If your decoder is fine then check your account to see if your recordung service is loaded. If that’s not the problem then I think it’s safe to say the problem is with your installation.

  35. June permalink

    Hie my 933 decorded keeps shown E17 msg. Got the new s/card and tried using it since ystday to no avail. I have contactd multichoice bt they seem puzeld. What do i do nw?

    • Hi. You should ask a Multichoice agent to link your decoder and smartcard. Your card has to be inside the decoder when the link is sent, otherwise you will still get the E-17.

  36. I ‘ve a BE1 error on my dstv hpvr decoder,how do I rectify it?do I really need to visit multichoice or its a D I Y thing?please help,am frustrated!

    • Hey… Unfortunately there is no DIY solution. If you have a HDPVR2 then it can be fixed by have a manual software upgrade done at your nearest Multichoice Agency. If however, you’re using a different HDPVR, you will have to repalce the decoderm

    • Hey… Unfortunately there is no DIY solution. If you have a HDPVR2 then it can be fixed by have a manual software upgrade done at your nearest Multichoice Agency. If however, you’re using a different HDPVR, you will have to repalce the decoder.

  37. soh permalink

    Hi my dercoder is been showing an orange steady light for days now from the day of installation and it just says no signal I’ve so many ways but it does not turn on I don’t know what to do anymore plz help

  38. Tendani6500 permalink

    I have a new decorder…i made payments but it still saying im suspended,i tried resetting,rebooting,unplug the plug from the wall socket,removing n reinsert the card but to no avail…please help

    • You should make sure that your smartcard is inserted in the decoder and get a call centre agent to send you an E-16. That should do it.

    • Also, make sure your decoder and smartcard is paired.

      • pulane thameng permalink

        please help me,my dstv says smartcard inserted is not paired with the decoder….how do i pair it?

  39. mojabeng permalink

    Long story short,we had our decoders swaped and the new one arrived yesterday,we connected all the cables properly and the decoder scans properly but when the scanning is done instead of showing the default channel or other channels it scans again,it scanned the whole night till now. What could possibly be the problem

  40. thabiso permalink

    i have a persisting 8118 error code what can i do.

    • 8118 codes mean that your internal power supply had been damaged. There is a software reset process that you can try. See the Error Codes page under 8118 and follow the steps for a manual reset process. If this does not work you will have to replace your decoder.

  41. Kgosi permalink

    my dstv decoder is shown ddd what must i do?

  42. ashley permalink

    Hi there my dstv is currently stating a E50 No channels exist in the bouquet you have selected Please select another bouquet error” what must I do?? Please help! Firste time this is happening to me.

    • Hi Ashley. What you can do is reset the decoder back to its factory settings. This happens from time to time so do not be alarmed.

  43. Calib permalink

    Help me! My DSTV is just showing ddd the whole time(What can I do)

  44. Tiaan permalink

    Can anybody shed light on E100-4 code…ive already reset the decoder but still get the error

  45. chanel permalink

    Hi My dstv has been reactivated after a year yesterday and now shows E100-4 no with only sabc1 channel playing besides dish, the connections are all properly the info bar at the bottom shows, what could be the problem?

  46. chizboi permalink

    hi….i jus got a DSD 990 n tried 2 switch it on but all i got was the bE1 error….i tried the reset,P+ n P- thing….then wen it was downloading it displayd error 0x80000D0C …..wat do i do nw?

    • @chizboi Your decoder’s software is basically messed up. If the reset didn’t work there is not much more you can do.

  47. Hi.
    I have an error code. bEI.
    Please help.

    • Hi Candice. Which decoder do you have? Please have a look at the Error Codes page under BE-1. If that does not help then let me know.

  48. Tiny permalink

    Hi i need help my dstv decoder does not show any thing de screen on the tv is blank.. Nd it does show the red light nd its written 631 plz help

    • That 631 is more likely a bE1. That is a software related problem. Depending on your decoder model, you can try doing a force-upgrade on the software.

  49. Samantha Moodley permalink

    Hi I have a DSD 1110 and the other night an automatic software upgrade was done but afterwards the tv screem went completely blank saying no signal and my decoder is showing a bE1 or 6E1 error code with the flashing red light. I have taken the decoder to be tested at a DSTV branch and they assured me that after a couple of hours my viewing would resume as normal and the issue would be fixed on its own but it has been over 9 hours nows. What procedure should I proceed with?

    • Hey Samantha. Here’s the thing… since it’s a bE1 we know it’s software related. Try doing a force-upgrade (see the D.I.Y Resets & Upgrades page) and see what happens. If that doesn’t help either you will have to get that decoder replaced.

    • Here are the steps to fix a bE1 error on a standard, 1110 decoder:
      In the steps below, ‘Reset’ = 1st button from the right; ‘standby’ = 1st button from the left.

  50. Jimmy permalink

    my decoder is showing 3 lights simu.ltaneously and does nit detect the remote. it can’t swich off nor one its like it has frozen. please help

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